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  1. ethnic trend

    Eastern Style Print Trend

    Eastern style print trend is perfect for this autumn. The mix of rich warm colours will brighten up your home through the long dark evenings. From geometric to paisley inspired prints you cant go wrong… Read the full article »

  2. Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 20.37.52

    Wanderlust Interior Trend

    Collections of travels far away; trinkets from morrocan souks, indian fabrics painting living areas and woven mayan textiles coating floorspace. The Wanderlust trend is so much fun to mix and match with and anything goes!… Read the full article »

  3. Decorex 2015 Beautiful Blue med res

    Decorex 2015 Beautiful Blue

    Blue represents calmness and depth and since ancient times the naturally occurring pigment has been used in textiles, art and decoration. Sky or sea, China or Indigo… BLUE is the colour that dominated this year’s… Read the full article »

  4. Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 16.40.57

    Textured Tiles Interior Trend

    Textured tiles interior trend is a fab look, think distressed damask, peeling patterns and worn away rubbings, textured tiles is appearing a lot through many contemporary interior departments. 3D qualities work really well here such… Read the full article »

  5. Textured Surface Mood Board 300dpi

    Textured Print Trend

    Textured fabrics, rustic colours and autumnal florals are right on trend for AW15. Prints are combined with luxurious fabrics, embellished details and tactile surfaces. Rich emerald, deep navy, sapphire blue, charcoal and black are offset… Read the full article »

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